Collaborative Sessions

Collaborative sessions offer multiple points of insight. While both Justine and Zane’s work is powerful on its own, there is something special about receiving feedback from two healers at once, both with their unique lenses for reading energy.

More than the sum of its parts

Our field is always working for us, but few individuals at this time are consciously working with their fields. Instead, a series of subconscious and unconscious beliefs that have been programmed into us since our arrival on the planet, get hold of our precious life force energy, and divert it into any number of distorted pathways that are designed to extract our energy and divert it into a massive energy harvesting system colloquially referred to as “the matrix”. The unsavory systems we see around us are truly of our own creation, seeded through human beings who have been subjected to countless layers of mind-control and trauma based psychological-emotional wounding that siphon our life force into modalities of creation that are often 180* opposed to our highest intentions. Wound tracing and the erasure of negative thought loops is the first step we can take to regaining conscious control of our manifestation process. Like tracing shorted wires that are causing a machine to malfunction, this process can result in anything from minor corrections away from distorted thought forms to massive redirections of energy from engrained pathways rooted in deep systemic trauma. By unwrapping these layers through the mental, emotional, and energetic planes, we open the doorway to a radically improved life, deeper clarity and improved dimensional access.