Field Activations & Upgrades

We see and interact with the physical body daily, but behind this seemingly solid material aspect lies an exquisitely complex field of energy with countless light filaments carrying translations of higher dimensional codes down into physical expression. This field, or what might be called the human blueprint, is a coveted piece of engineering that is admired and envied across the universe for it’s incredible sophistication, dynamism, and one of a kind synthesis of complex and diverse encodement.

Field activations and upgrades can be thought of as new chapters in a growing “operators manual” to our universally-coveted human fields. Each time we learn a new shielding technique, a new frequency access, or a method for merging and assimilating unthinkably complex information from the vast expanses of creation into our human field, we unlock doors to layers of our being that have been lying dormant since the original tampering with our human blueprints.

Wound Tracing & Inversion Pathway Clearing

Our field is always working for us, but few individuals at this time are consciously working with their fields. Instead, a series of subconscious and unconscious beliefs that have been programmed into us since our arrival on the planet, get hold of our precious life force energy, and divert it into any number of distorted pathways that are designed to extract our energy and divert it into a massive energy harvesting system colloquially referred to as “the matrix”. The unsavory systems we see around us are truly of our own creation, seeded through human beings who have been subjected to countless layers of mind-control and trauma based psychological-emotional wounding that siphon our life force into modalities of creation that are often 180* opposed to our highest intentions. Wound tracing and the erasure of negative thought loops is the first step we can take to regaining conscious control of our manifestation process. Like tracing shorted wires that are causing a machine to malfunction, this process can result in anything from minor corrections away from distorted thought forms to massive redirections of energy from engrained pathways rooted in deep systemic trauma. By unwrapping these layers through the mental, emotional, and energetic planes, we open the doorway to a radically improved life, deeper clarity and improved dimensional access.

Blueprint Resoration & Integration

The universe is built from organic light grids that carry information, or “consciousness”, into patterns of organization that extend out into the infinite expression of creation. Our bodies, too, are built from these exquisitely sophisticated and nuanced lattices of light which translate a unique design into manifestation. This process is ongoing, occurring in real-time, as light filaments translate information into physical form at a speed that would baffle even the most adept quantum physicists.

There are countless reasons why these blueprints sustain damage when expressing into physicality on earth. In some ways, it is a miracle that the translation process occurs as smoothly as it does given the amount of distortion on the planet. Frequency modulation, EMF radiation, physical toxicity, negative thought programs, and a general disconnect from our bodies explain some of these “glitches” in translation. Constrictions in energetic flow explain others. Whatever the case may be, the process of extracting damaged blueprints and dropping in templates from the higher self’s original codex allows the translation process to flow according to our original design. This is a form of light surgery that one day will replace our crude and physically-invasive medical procedures as we learn to carry the light blueprints fully into physical expression.

Higher Self Consultations

Language is an abstraction of an inherent telepathic process of communication that every human being is endowed with. When we speak, layers of encoded information are carried on the words, opening bands of information exchange that are beyond most humans’ current understanding. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and suddenly you are both lit up with almost tangible excitement? That is the feeling of linking up a higher bandwidth of communication! To outside ears, the conversation may not have changed perceptibly, but in the thrill of that expanding bandwidth, your whole being sings with enlivened perception.


Reaching this elevated state is the goal of every consultation. This work holds the potential to be totally transformational, but because it relies on a traditional modality of communication, the risk of getting caught in the confines of the intellect is always present. In these sessions, therefore, the aim is to listen beyond the story, to tune into the wounds or mental programs that underpin the outwardly manifest challenges. Sometimes a moment of clarity around a self-defeating mental loop or wound-based distortion hindering the manifestation process can create the crack in the dam the eventually allows the complete energetic pattern to clear.